Sunday, December 14, 2014


I was at a Third Day concert recently.

They are one of my all time favorite Christian bands.

And they didn't disappoint!

But what I didn't expect was to be deeply touched by a song of theirs I had not heard before. Or maybe I had heard it but I was never in a position for the words to mean so much to me. 

Have you ever had that happen....where when hearing a song you just know that at that moment the words were meant for you to hear.

Such simple words, but they were so encouraging to me.

Maybe they will be to you too....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snoring keeping you awake?

I have an oil for that!!

No, seriously I do.

I have a good friend whose husband snores like a freight train (her words) and has for years.  Nothing has helped.

We have been told that YoungLiving's Valor may help with snoring and she decided to try it!

This may sound crazy, but with the vita flex points on the feet, she applied 1-2 drops of Valor on the bottom of each of his feet.  On the inside of the foot from the top of the heel to the big toe.  

And you know what?


She got the most uninterrupted sleep she has had in years!

However, her husband didn't believe her.  So he decided to test it and downloaded a recording app on his phone.  He first recorded his sleep for 3 nights with no Valor.....lots of snoring!!  

He then recorded 3 nights using Valor.

Guess what?

He is a believer.

NO snoring.

And he is now telling all his family about it!!

This little piece of information might just save some marriages!

Ha Ha....just kidding.  But as you age, quality sleep becomes more and more important!

So, if you want information on how to buy some Valor, just email me!!
I will be happy to help you out!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas 2014

Well, it seems change is the name of the game this year for the Bowyers...
....and in keeping with that, Steve and I have decided not to send out Christmas cards.  

But, we still wanted to send our greetings to all our friends, so I decided to put our Christmas letter up here on the blog.

Though there have been LOTS of changes for us this year, one thing has remained constant....

....the love our Savior.

His constant presence, provision and blessings have overflowed in our lives.

Alyssa, finished her first full year as a Speech Language Pathologist and now has the letters behind her name to prove it!!!  We couldn't be more proud of her!  She loves her job and seems to thrive there.  She is attending a wonderful church and has jumped right in with bible study, young adults class and working with kids.  

After such a great year, it sort of ended on a tough note.  In November, Alyssa got very sick with strep and staph pneumonia and was hospitalized for 4 days.  Steve and I both took turns going down there to help take care of her.  The docs have since decided to take out her tonsils and adenoids over the holidays.  So if you think about it, prayers for a smooth surgery and recovery would be so appreciated!!

As most of you know, Jason got married in July!  We have a wonderful new daughter-in-love, Kristen, and she has just blended so beautifully into our family!!  Jason and Kristen live in Northwest Arkansas where together they run 2 businesses that keep them busy!  Jason's band has also had a great year and we are hoping that their success will lead to the fulfillment of some dreams in 2015!!!

Jared is in the middle of his junior year at Anderson University in Indiana.  He is officially taking 18 hours and unofficially 24....yikes!  We don't hear from him much!  He did one of his practicums at an elementary school this semester and realized that he loved teaching that age group!  It is so fun to see them excited about what they are doing!!  He will be home soon and we can't wait!

Steve's mom has had a rough year...a serious fall, small heart attack and 2 trips to the hospital and rehab have had us making many trips up to Kansas to help her.  What a blessing to have the time to do that!!!  It has been so great for Steve to be able to love on her that way.

Steve and I have learned so much this year....mainly that God is more trustworthy and faithful than we ever imagined.  We have also been learning how to wait on God and not future blessings...seeing Him in today...trying to be present in the moment so that we are available to be used no matter where we are.  

Christmas has us heading to Houston.
First, for me to take care of Alyssa after her surgery.  Then the boys will join us for Christmas-after-Christmas (what I am now calling it!).  Jason and Kristen will already be there as her family lives just 30 minutes from Alyssa.  We are excited to be able to spend some time with them and get to know them better!

We hope this holiday season finds you trusting God.  
He is more than able to carry any and every burden/circumstance you have.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Currents

Current Read: Well, after seeing Mockingjay over Thanksgiving I realized that I could not remember what happened in the I decided to read it again!  I also needed something to read where I didn't need to think and that I already owned.  :)

Current Playlist: Christmas music! Pentatonix, Rend collective are some of my new favorites

Current Food: We have been traveling a lot lately to take care of family members, so my current favorite would be salad and fresh veggies...not things you eat when you are traveling!!  Trying to get back on my healthy eating...also not easy when you are traveling.  :(

Current Favorite Favorite: My Ninja blender.  

Current Addiction: Hummus.  I make a new batch almost every week.  Another might be green smoothies...also something I make pretty much every day.

Current Wish List: I would like some new jeans.  All of mine are several years old and they look like it.  :/

Current Need: To have my frozen shoulder heal.  You just don't realize how it affects your day or what you do when you can't use your arm without pain.  

Current Triumph: I actually completed all my shoulder exercises today without tearing up!  That is HUGE.

Current Annoyance: Pain.  I am to a point that I can do more things with my shoulder but then I get busy and sort of forget about it and then it quickly reminds me it's there...ugh.  I have a new appreciation for people with chronic pain.  You just don't realize how it affects your emotional state.

Current Blessing(s): friends who come help me even when their schedule is already full.

Current Excitement: I am excited to see my son on Friday!  And the rest of my kids the next week.....not really excited about Alyssa's surgery but very happy I can go take care of her.

Current Project(s): Those are a secret!  :)

Current plan:  Right now I am making a quiche for dinner and then I plan to grab a heating pad, put it on my shoulder and relax for the evening.

What are your currents?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just when I want to yell "uncle".....

.....God shows up!

I love that about Him.

As we walk through the trials of this life, it's easy to place our focus on the things going wrong and let them pull us down.

Lately, I have been working very hard to keep my eyes on God and not my circumstances....looking for the blessings scattered in between all the hard, the stress, the yuck.

But this morning, the proverbial straw landed.... I was cleaning (something I haven't been able to do well because of my frozen shoulder until now), my vacuum just stopped.

My first thought was....

are you kidding me?!!!!
We can't afford another surprise bill!!

Then I collected my thoughts and sent my husband to the Oreck store to see if it could be fixed.  As he walked out of the door he looked at me and said "guess I know what you will be getting for Christmas"  And in my mind I said "Lord, please let it be an easy fix.  I don't want a vacuum for Christmas!"

About 20 minutes later, my husband calls and says "Well, if I leave it the woman says she has to drive it to the other store (30 minutes away) and it will take a week to get back.  Or I can drive it there myself and see if they can fix it today.  It will cost $50 plus parts."  We decided to do it because that would be MUCH cheaper than a new vacuum.

Some time later, I hear Steve walk in the house......

..and he is carrying the vacuum!!!!  

...and it is FIXED!

.....but the best part?
when the man finished fixing it, steve asked how much it would cost.
The man looked at him and said... about a hand shake!!


You know, life is hard right now.
However it could be so.much.harder.

And when I choose to take my eyes off of my circumstance and put them back on God, when I choose to look for the blessings in between all the yuck....

....I find God is right there with me....carrying me through each one.  
And I see His blessings all around me.
Little reminders that I am not forgotten,

but loved very much.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Change..... have forced yourself on me a little too much this year.  But when you start messing with my are going to ruffle my feathers!!!

If you know me very well, you know I have A LOT of Christmas traditions!
I LOVE Christmas!!!

Some of my traditions have been carried over from my childhood, some were started when my kids were small and some were started as they got older.  All have great meaning and I look forward to ALL of them!

Our Christmas this year was already going to have some changes.....

*we have a new daughter-in-love!  This is her 1st Christmas with us!!
*The 2 older kids can't make it home till Dec we will be celebrating Christmas on New Years Day.  I am going to call it New Christmas!
*Money is VERY tight right now, so we are only going to be filling stockings (the best part in my kids opinions!)

Some traditions we decided to "put away" this year. However, one of those we have now decide to keep....

*We first thought we would stop the tradition of giving the kids $100 at Thanksgiving to give away (go here to read about it), but Jason decided to do it anyway and reminded us what a great tradition it really is and how much we would miss it!  So it's on!! But this year, everyone is providing their own $100.

*Since we are having "New Christmas", our Christmas and New year's traditions are going to blend together. The kids decided these were a must...

*matching PJs
*appetizers on New Christmas Eve
*Exchanging sibling letters on New Christmas Eve
*Cinnamon roll Christmas tree for breakfast
*Black eyed peas and fried turkey for dinner

Well, once again, CHANGE has slid in it's less-than-welcome foot.....

Alyssa is sick again...ugh.
For those of you that don't know, she was just in the hospital a few weeks ago with strep and staph pneumonia.  The doctors have decided that she needs to have her tonsils out and have scheduled the surgery for the 18th.....

....which means she can't fly home for Christmas.

So, once again we will be rearranging our plans.

This is what I KNOW will happen....

*I WILL be getting to Houston to take care of my girl
*We will also be bringing the Bowyer New Christmas to her
(just not sure how that is going to work yet)

And one final thing I know...

....we will love it no matter what happens because we will be together!
AND because we will choose to keep our focus on the real reason for Christmas....

....the birth of our Savior.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

surprise benefit....

Most of you know I have been using Essential Oils for a year now...
...and that I love them.

Well, I just found a surprise, bonus benefit. :)

Back in August, I started using coconut oil as my face cleanser and moisturizer.  Yep, just raw coconut oil.  

At night, I put coconut oil all over my face and then use a warm wash cloth to remove it.  It completely takes off ALL makeup!!

Then I put a very small amount of coconut oil (a little goes a LONG way) in my hand and mix it with  ONE drop of Sacred Frankincense essential oil.  I apply this to my face before going to bed.

The next morning, I again wipe my face with a warm wash cloth and apply a small amount of coconut oil before I apply my make-up.

Honestly, my skin has never looked  or felt better!!!
And blemishes that I have struggled with are gone!

But I realized the surprise benefit while putting on my make-up this morning.

I have always had fairly long eyelashes.  However, in the last couple of years, they just don't seem as full or as long.  Also, I seemed to have lost most of my lower eyelashes.  They just aren't there. I had chalked it up to "age" everything else.  :/

But, when putting on my mascara this morning I realized that my eyelashes were SO long and my lower eyelashes had grown back in!!!!  

I tried to get a real close up, but this is the best I could do...and I don't have a before picture so you will just have to trust me.  I really wasn't looking for this benefit.  

Can you see my lower lashes?!!!  And look how long my upper lashes are!

The ONLY thing I have done differently is the coconut oil and the frankincense.

Seriously, y'all, I almost did a happy dance in the bathroom this morning!!  
Things around here have been a bit tough lately so this little thing made me very happy! I guess it doesn't take much these days...

I had heard for a long time about using coconut oil on your face and I love it..... your other benefit is it is so much less expensive than regular cleansers and moisturizers. An $8 bottle of coconut oil will last me 4 months and I use it all over, not just on my face.  The Frankincense is a little pricier but you only use 1 drop so it lasts a long time too.

Love it!

If you haven't heard about Essential Oils and want to know more, just email me!!  I would love to talk to you about them!

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